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"Media and Terrorism in France"

Media, War & Conflict

Vol. 12, n° 2, Juin 2019. Coord. : Katharina Niemeyer, Staffan Ericson.

Table of contents

From live-tweets to archives of the future : Mixed media temporalities and the recent French terrorist attacks (Katharina Niemeyer and Staffan Ericson)

‘We are at war’ : Continuity and rupture in French anti-terrorist discourse (Julien Fragnon)

Paris and Nice terrorist attacks : Exploring Twitter and web archives (Valérie Schafer, Gérôme Truc, Romain Badouard, Lucien Castex and Francesca Musiani)

From tweets to graffiti : ‘I am Charlie’ as a ‘writing event’ (Maëlle Bazin)

The front page as a time freezer : An analysis of the international newspaper coverage after the Charlie Hebdo attacks (Katharina Niemeyer)

Charlie Hebdo, 2015 : ‘Liveness’ and acceleration of conflict in a hybrid media event (Johanna Sumiala, Minttu Tikka and Katja Valaskivi)

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