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BRÜGGER Niels, MILLIGAN Ian (dir.)

The SAGE Handbook of Web History

SAGE Publications, 2019, 672 p., £120.

The Web has been with us now for almost 25 years. An integral part of our social, cultural and political lives, ‘new media’ is simply not that new anymore. Despite the rapidly expanding archives of information at our disposal, and the recent growth of interest in web history as a field of research, the information available to us still far outstrips our understanding of how to interpret it. The SAGE Handbook of Web History marks the first comprehensive review of this subject to date. Its editors emphasise two main different forms of study : the use of the web as an historical resource, and the web as an object of study in its own right. Bringing together all the existing knowledge of the field, with an interdisciplinary focus and an international scope, this is an incomparable resource for researchers and students alike.

Part One : The Web and Historiography
Part Two : Theoretical and Methodological Reflections
Part Three : Technical and Structural Dimensions of Web History
Part Four : Platforms on the Web
Part Five : Web History and Users, some Case Studies
Part Six : The Roads Ahead

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