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Stories. Screen Narrative in the Digital Era

Amsterdam University Press, 2018, 210 p., 38 euros.

Stories are perceived as central to modern life. Not only in narrative entertainment media, such as television, cinema, theatre, but also in social media. Telling/having ‘a story’ is widely deemed essential, in business as well as in social life. Does this mark an intensification of what has always been part of human cultures ; or has the realm of ‘story’ expanded to dominate twenty-first century discourse ? Addressing stories is an obvious priority for the Key Debates series, and Volume 7, edited by Ian Christie and Annie van den Oever, identifies new phenomena in this field - complex narration, puzzle films, transmedia storytelling – as well as new approaches to understanding these, within narratology and bio-cultural studies. Chapters on such extended television series as /Twin Peaks/, /Game of Thrones/and /Dickensian/ explore distinctively new forms of screen storytelling in the digital age.

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