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17 - Communiquer le sacré

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Agnès Devictor

Representation of holly characters on Iranian TV

Le Temps des médias n°17, Automne 2011, p. 88-99.


This article questions what led the very orthodox Iranian Television to produce, under the Islamic Republic of Iran, television series on characters whose representation is theoretically prohibited within Islam. What were the targets and the motivations of leaders to use a media (television) and a form (the series), both elaborated in the West, to represent the lives of sacred personalities? What were the proposals of directors to respond to this TV’s enjoin and to doctrinal requirements? After questioning the link between Islam and television in Iran, this study analyzes the representations invented through the Iranian television series Imâm ‘Ali, Saint Marie, Imâm Rezâ and The Narrative of Mokhtâr. A third part explores the current relationship between Islam and images.

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