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RAO Shakuntala, WASSERMAN Herman (dir.)

Media Ethics and Justice in the Age of Globalization

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, 240 p.

This book brings together a range of perspectives from around the globe to address questions of media ethics and justice both in local contexts and in a transnational, global environment. A common denominator running through such disparate investigations of theories and practices of media ethics and justice in democracies as diverse as India, South Africa, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates and the United States, is how specific media practices relate to the global. There is general acknowledgement that similarities between ethical systems have to emerge in local contexts, rather than the other way around. In the presentation of case studies and philosophical debates, the concept of justice in media ethics is illuminated from various angles. A common theme in these chapters is the acknowledgement that ethics and justice are central to the evolution of a democratic public sphere saturated with media images and narratives.

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