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International Journal of Communication

Vol 9, Juin 2015.


Yonghwan Kim, Hsuan-Ting Chen : Discussion Network Heterogeneity Matters : Examining a Moderated Mediation Model of Social Media Use and Civic Engagement

Diana Coryat : Historicizing Jóven and Cuba’s Audiovisual Landscape : New Paradigms in Digital Media Production and Circulation

Jeffrey C. Neely : Building Voices : Teens Connect to Their Communities Through Youth Journalism Websites

KyuJin Shim, Guy J. Golan, Anita G. Day, Sung-Un Yang : Beyond the Western Masses : Demography and Pakistani Media Credibility Perceptions

Stephen D. Reese : Globalization of Mediated Spaces : The Case of Transnational Environmentalism in China

Jérôme Bourdon, Cécile Méadel : Ratings as Politics. Television Audience Measurement and the State : An International Comparison

Rajiv George Aricat, Veronika Karnowski, Arul Chib : Mobile Phone Appropriation and Migrant Acculturation : A Case Study of an Indian Community in Singapore

Cherish Aileen A. Brillon : From Local to Global : Philippine Broadcast Networks and the Filipino Diaspora

Melina Sherman : The Cultural Production of a Pharmaceutical Market : The Making of ADHD

Liang Chen, Xiaodong Yang : Nature and Effectiveness of Online Social Support for Intercultural Adaptation of Mainland Chinese International Students

Yang Liu, Jun Fan : Culturally Specific Privacy Practices on Social Network Sites : Privacy Boundary Permeability Management in Photo Sharing by American and Chinese College-Age Users

Yanfeng Mao : Who is a Laowai ? Chinese Interpretations of Laowai as a Referring Expression for Non-Chinese

Cristina Casanueva-Reguart : Institutions, Telecommunications Reform, and Universal Service Policy in Mexico (1990-2014)


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