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IORDANOVA Dina, VAN DE PEER Stefanie (dir.)

Film Festivals and the Middle East

St Andrews Film Studies Publishing, Scotland, 2014,

This new Film Festival Yearbook focuses on a scandalously overlooked area in film and festival studies : the Middle East and North Africa. With its glamorous international and modest national film festivals, the Middle East and North Africa deserve more sustained analysis and attention from film scholars. Investigating the film culture and film festivals of this area, this book reveals how a culturally-informed geopolitical scope can ultimately shape a distinct and evolving cinematic take on the world. This collection of essays - with contributions from Laura U. Marks, Alberto Elena, Jean-Michel Frodon, Gönül Donmez-Colin, Chris Berry, Savas Arslan, Alisa Lebow, and many others - investigates the circuit of films, the impact of festivals and the representation of the Middle Eastern peoples, cultures and languages on international screens.

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