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DUBROFSKY Rachel E., MAGNET Shoshana A. (dir.)

Feminist Surveillance Studies

Duke University Press, 2015, 304 p., $26.

Introduction. Feminist Surveillance Studies : Critical Interventions / Rachel E. Dubrofsky and Soshana Amielle Magnet
Part I. Surveillance as Foundational Structure
1. Not-Seeing : State Surveillance, Settler Colonialism, and Gender Violence / Andrea Smith
2. Surveillance and the Work of Antitrafficking : From Compulsory Examination to International Coordination / Laura Hyun Yi Kang
3. Legally Sexed : Birth Certificates and Transgender Citizens / Lisa Jean Moore and Paisley Currah
Part II. The Visual and Surveillance : Bodies on Display
4. Violating In/Visibilities : Honor Killings and Interlocking Surveillance(s) / Yasmin Jiwani
5. Gender, Race, and Authenticity : Celebrity Women Tweeting for the Gaze / Rachel E. Dubrofsky and Megan M. Wood
6. Held in the Light : Reading Images of Rihanna’s Domestic Abuse / Kelli D. Moore
Part III. Biometric Technologies as Surveillance Assemblages
7. Terror and the Female Grotesque : Introducing Full-body Scanners to U.S. Airports / Rachel Hall
8. The Public Fetus and the Veiled Woman : Transnational Surrogacy Blogs as Surveillant Assemblage / Sayantani Dasgupta and Shamita Das Dasgupta
9. Race, Gender, and Genetic Technologies : A New Reproductive Dystopia ? / Dorothy E. Roberts
Part IV. Toward a Feminist Praxis in Surveillance Studies
10. Antiprostitution Feminism and the Surveillance of Sex Industry Clients / Ummni Khan
11. Research Methods, Institutional Ethnography, and Feminist Surveillance Studies / Kevin Walby and Seantel Anais
Afterword. Blaming, Shaming, and the Feminization of Social Media / Lisa Nakamura

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